gold stars

star-50831ae4402f5[1]Okay, I will admit it, I am kind of trying to do it all.  I am trying to be a mom, a wife, and a business owner and trying my bestest to do all of them well.  I am a 37-year-old mom of a fantastically fun and imaginative 3-year-old boy and a (now) sweet, smiley, LOUD (no comments here, please about similarities between mother and daughter), go-getter little infant girl—there was a stage she wasn’t sweet, which I’m sure will be blogged about, but we’ll stick to the present for now.  I am trying to live a balanced life of spending time with my husband and friends, maintaining my trim yet not quite so svelte pre-baby body, volunteering at our church, keeping our house organized (I tell myself I will NOT be one of those homes that looks like it exploded with toys), creating a fun and healthy and mind-expanding and happy home for my children, and…oh yes, running a wedding planning business out of my home office.  I am trying to do it all.  But am I doing it all?

Sometimes I want the world around me to shower me with accolades of how amazing I am and pin gold stars all over me because don’t my friends, and my husband, and my family realize how truly amazing I am?  I mean my clients are generally happy (I mean, you all are, right?), my son is generally well behaved (at least that’s what others tell me and I remind myself of that after the 6th time out for the day) and my little girl has been sleeping through the night since she was 10.5 weeks old (shoot your flaming arrows at me now, I let her cry)…my husband hopefully likes me most days (and hopefully appreciates that I’m wearing all my pre-baby clothes again!!!) and my children generally have good food put in their tummies and books read to them every day.  Don’t I deserve a ton of gold stars?  Shouldn’t the world be pinning them all over me?

And then I realize that all my girlfriends around me are all trying to do the same…in their own way.  We’re all trying to do it all and all hoping that others will notice what an amazing job we are doing.

So to all of you fellow 30 and 40 something women trying to do it all—trying to be mom and wife and possibly bring income into the family (or at least support your own closets like me) and/or be positive community participants, I pin gold stars on all of you!  Let’s all gold star each other!  You made all the beds today? Gold star!  You got your children to pre-school/school/mommy & me class with their shoes on and something in their belly?  Gold star!  You got the whole fam to church in clean clothes before the service ended? Gold star!  You shaved your legs this week? Gold star!  We mommies need to shower each other with gold stars and remind each other what truly amazing jobs we are doing—every day.

So that’s the goal of this blog.  Do we really need another mommy blog?  Probably not.  But I’m starting one anyways.  My goal is to help myself laugh about my own foibles, hopefully encourage all the other do it all women out there, and share ideas and information I’ve gathered from my friends, fantastic pediatrician (if I sound like I’m ascribing saint status to our pediatrician, Dr. Walls, when I speak about him, it’s because I am), and books I have gleaned helpful ideas from.

If you feel like me, like a woman trying to do it all, then I would love for you to join my blog community.  Send me comically tragic stories about you own lives, ideas other moms have told you that have been helpful, or any questions you want me to take a stab at answering.  I hope you laugh along with me and feel encouraged to persevere at the awesome job you are doing.

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